Local installation - installation package - G DATA Security Client for Windows

The package is a single executable file (GDClientPck.exe), which can be used to install G DATA Security Client. The installation package can be used to install the client to all computers in a domain via a login script, or to install locally, and it always contains the current client version available on the server.

To create an installation package, start G DATA Administrator. In the menu Organization, click the option Create installation package for Windows clients. You will be prompted for the following information:

ManagementServer: The ManagementServer with which the clients should register.

Language: The installation language.

Group: The group to which the client will be added after the installation.

Use a slash "/" to separate group names in a hierarchy. Special characters in group names must be marked: Every quotation mark in group names must be duplicated. If a group name contains a "/", the group name must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Limit validity: Limit the validity of the installation package. If the package is installed after this period of time, it is considered unauthorized and needs to be manually authorized in G DATA Administrator under Clients > Overview.

Click OK and select a storage location. G DATA Administrator will create the installation package in the background. It can then be copied to the target computer and should be launched there with administrator rights in order to install G DATA Security Client. If the installation should be carried out without user interaction, start the installation package with the parameter / @_QuietInstallation="true": GDClientPck.exe  @_QuietInstallation="true".