G DATA Security Client Firewall - Rule sets

In the Rule sets module you can create and edit rule sets (groups of firewall rules that can be applied to networks).

  • New: Create a new rule set. In the following dialog, enter a Rule set name and decide if the rule set should be pre-populated with rules from the default rule sets for untrusted, trusted or blocked networks.
  • Delete: Delete the selected rule set. The default rule sets cannot be deleted.
  • Edit: Edit the selected rule set using the Rule Wizard.

The Rule sets module contains default rule sets for the following network types:

  • Direct Internet connection: This covers rules that involve direct Internet access.
  • Untrusted networks: This generally covers open networks with Internet access.
  • Trusted networks: Home and company networks are generally trusted.
  • Blocked networks: This rule set can be used if access to a specific network should be blocked.