G DATA Administrator Modules

Depending on the current selection in the Clients/ManagementServers panel, either the client modules or the server modules are shown as tabs on the right side of the window. Click any tab to open the corresponding module.

Most modules have a toolbar. In addition to module-specific functions, the following buttons are usually displayed:

  • Refresh: Refresh the current list or view.
  • Delete: Delete the currently selected item(s).
  • Print: Print (selected) items from the current module.
  • Print preview: Display a print preview.
  • Time frame: Limit the displayed items to a specific time frame.

For most modules, there are also general options to control layout and list contents:

  • To sort a list, click any of its column headers.
  • To add or remove columns from the list display, right-click any column header, click Select columns and then (de)select the columns that should be displayed.
  • To reduce the number of items per page, enter the maximum Number per page at the bottom right of the screen.
  • For free form text filtering, click any of the filter icons in the column headers and enter your filter criteria.
  • Drag one or more column headers to the bar above the column headers to create a group based on those columns. Groups can be nested in various ways to create different views.

Each module's settings always apply to the clients, servers or groups highlighted in the Clients/ ManagementServers panel. If a ManagementServer or group has been selected, clients or groups within the group may have different values set for one or more settings. The affected settings will be marked as such. When saving the settings, each client with deviating settings will retain its own value. Only if the value is changed will it be applied to the whole group. Subordinated clients or groups that have settings that deviate from the group settings are displayed by name in the panel Clients/groups with deviating settings. Select a client and click Display settings to select that specific client in the Clients/ManagementServers panel and display its settings or click Revert to group settings to apply the group settings to that client.

When administering a group that contains Windows clients as well as Linux or Mac clients, settings that have no effect on Linux or Mac clients are displayed in green.

Settings are only saved and transferred to the selected client(s)/server once the Apply button has been clicked. At the bottom of most modules, the Information status field shows whether the  settings have been successfully transferred. Click the Discard button to discard the changes.