Tasks - Patch applicability jobs

PatchManager is available as an optional module.

Patch applicability jobs can be planned to check if one or more patches are applicable to clients or groups.

Patch applicability jobs can be scheduled using the following options:

  • Execution: Decide when the patch applicability job should be run:
    • Scheduled: Run the patch applicability job according to a Schedule, which can be defined using one of the following parameters: Immediately, Once, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or On Internet connection.
    • As soon as available: Run the patch applicability job each time a new patch is released.

To select the patches for which applicability should be checked, use one of the two Scope options:

  • Specific patch: Choose one or more patches from a list.
  • Using attributes: Use Attributes to select a range of patches using keywords. To add a specific attribute (Vendor, Product name, Urgency, Language) as a filter criterium, tick the checkbox and enter a keyword. This way you can check applicability for patches from a specific publisher or only for specific versions. Wildcards like ? and * can be used. Enable the option Patches only if the job should not check full software packages and upgrades for applicability.

Select Automatically install applicable patches to make sure that each time a patch is found to be applicable, it is installed automatically.

If the Patch applicability job is being planned from PatchManager's Status overview module, the job applies to the patch and clients that were selected there. If it is being planned from the Patch configuration module, you need to select the client(s) for which applicability should be checked. If it is being planned from the Tasks module, you need to select the patch(es) for which applicability should be checked - the job will be run on the currently selected group or client.