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2.2 Removing the assignment to courses (learning plans)

If you want to remove courses from an employee (referred to here as "user") e.g. because the language of the assigned courses is not the right one, you have to remove the assignment to the learning plan. 

→ To remove the assignment to a learning plan for a user: 

Open the page Learning Plans.

 How to do it...

Open the Admin Menu via the cogwheel at the top right and select Learning Plans.

Select the learning plan which assignment you want to remove and click on Enroll Users.

A list of users who have already been assigned that learning plan appears.

Find the row of the user you want to remove from the learning plan and click the X there. If necessary, use the search bar to look up the user. 

A dialogue box appears asking you if you really want to remove the assignment.

Activate the checkbox Unenroll the selected user from the courses assigned to the learning plan.... by ticking the checkbox.

On the other hand, do not activate the checkboxes Do not unenroll users from courses they have completed and Do not unenroll users from courses they have in progress

The courses in the learning plan will now no longer be available to your employee on the learner dashboard. 

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