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For increased protection against infected and fraudulent websites, even when using HTTPS, your G DATA product from version has an additional web protection extension for the Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome Internet browsers. This article explains how to install the extension.

Browser Compatibility:

Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)79.0
Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-based)11.0.117763
Mozilla Firefox57.0
Google Chrome65.0

Step 1

A short time after installing version or newer of G DATA, a pop-up appears on your screen informing you about the possibility to the install the web browser extension. 

Click INSTALL and the settings of your G DATA product will automatically open.

Note: Alternatively, you can also open your G DATA product, click Web protection > More settings... , then click EXTENSIONS.

Step 2

The extension is available for the web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Click INSTALL to add the extension to the respective browser.

Step 3

The selected browser opens and asks for your confirmation to install the extension.

Click ADD or INSTALL to grant permission to install the extension.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

It's done!

The extension has been added to the browser and you can also see the status "Extension installed" in the settings of your G DATA product.

Your system is now optimally protected against infected and fraudulent websites, even if these pages are encrypted (HTTPS).

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