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  1. Update Virus Signatures

    How do I run a G DATA Business Solutions virus signature update? The update of virus signatures should usually be done automatically. In the G DATA Administrator, the automated process can be managed. In addition, virus signature updates can also be performed manually outside the set time schedule.
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  2. Origin of the list of software under „Clients/Software“

    Where does G DATA Security Client get the data for the software list in G DATA Administrator under "Clients/Software"? To obtain the information about installed programs, G DATA Security Client uses the Windows Management Console. The client queries the software list using a command.  This command can also be
    Business SolutionsNov 25, 2022
  3. Protection for systems with outdated Windows versions

    As of software version 15.1, new features for G DATA Business solutions will no longer be provided for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista operating systems. However, not all systems in a network can always be upgraded to the latest Windows versions quickly enough. To ensure that you are not left without protection
    Business SolutionsNov 25, 2022
  4. Activate and deactivate G DATA transport agents

    for the Exchange transport service G DATA MailSecurity for Exchange installs so called agents in the Microsoft Exchange transport service. These are needed to get all mail traffic reported within Microsoft Exchange. Further information regarding the transport service fan be found here:
    Business SolutionsNov 06, 2022
  5. Error messages regarding transport service when updating Microsoft Exchange

    Error messages related to the transport service occur during a Microsoft Exchange update. When deploying a recent Microsoft Exchange update (CU), error messages regarding the Microsoft Exchange transport service occur when G DATA MailSecurity for Exchange is installed. These problems can occur, among other th
    Business SolutionsNov 06, 2022
  6. What is the Malware Information Initiative

    (MII)? After installing G DATA ManagementServer, you will be asked if you want to participate in our Malware Information Initiative (MII). In the Administrator, you will find a corresponding check mark under the module Client Settings, submenu General. Here you can grant or withdraw your participation by set
    Business SolutionsNov 18, 2022
  7. Update to Version 15.4

    The following steps are required to upgrade an existing G DATA installation to version 15.4 The instructions are for systems and system environments where a G DATA Business Solution version 14.x or 15.x is already installed. Important! Before applying the update or reinstalling version 15.4 it is necessary to patch a
    Business SolutionsNov 17, 2022
  8. G DATA Mobile Device Management Profile Administration

    Profiles are similar to a group management. This means that different profiles with different settings can be created and then assigned to a device. Instead of creating groups of devices with the designations "Administration" "Sales" and "Technician", for example, profiles are created with the corresponding designation
    Business SolutionsNov 17, 2022
  9. Installation und Update Android

    Business SolutionsNov 08, 2022
  10. G DATA Mobile Device Management Emergency Actions in Detail

    You can use this function to send a locate command. Provided that location tracking is enabled on the device, you will then receive a Google Maps display in the Device state where exactly the device is located. This function is not bound to the volume settings of the device. Even if the ringtones are turned off on
    Business SolutionsNov 17, 2022