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Web protection - Advanced settings

Here you can specify which server port numbers should be monitored by web protection. Generally port number 80 will suffice for monitoring normal browsing.

  • Avoid browser timeout: Since the software processes web content before it is displayed in the web browser, it requires a certain amount of time to do so depending on the data traffic. Therefore it is possible for an error message to appear in the web browser because the browser is not receiving data immediately, since the antivirus software is checking it for malicious routines. By activating the Avoid browser timeout checkbox, you can disable this error message and, as soon as all browser data has been checked for viruses, the data will appear as normal in the web browser.
  • Enable notification when checking downloads: Enable this function to get a notification whenever a download is being checked.
  • Size limit for downloads: You can use this function to interrupt HTTP checks for web content that is too large. The contents are then monitored by the virus monitor as soon as suspected malicious routines become active. The advantage of the size limit is that there are no delays caused by virus checks when surfing the web.

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