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Using the browser plug-in

You can use the Password Manager by clicking on the following icon in the browser’s toolbar: 

Note: Please note that you may not be able to use the plug-in depending on your privacy settings (e.g. save the history). If you have problems with the plug-in, please check your browser settings first.

To do so, please enter your password in the dialog that appears and click on UNLOCK. The following areas are now available:

 Favorites: You can use this function to quickly call up password-protected websites that you use regularly.
 Logins: Here you can manage logins for password-protected websites.
 Contacts: The contact data entered here can be used for automatically filling out forms such as delivery addresses.
 Notes: You can save additional notes with password protection here.
 Settings: To close the Password Manager again, please click on LOCK. If you click on Settings, you can easily manage favorites, logins, contacts and notes in dialog boxes. You can use the password generator to automatically generate a secure password and reuse it directly via the clipboard.

You can add, edit and delete entries in the Password Manager in the following way.

 New entry: By clicking on this button you can compose a new entry and add all the necessary data for logins, contacts or notes in the relevant dialog boxes.
 Save entry: By clicking on this button the entry is saved and displayed in the browser plug-in’s quick selection list.
 Delete entry: Use this to delete entries you no longer need.

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