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Encrypted connections (SSL)

Many email providers (such as GMX, WEB.DE, T-Online and Freenet) have now started using SSL encryption. This means that emails and email accounts have become significantly more secure. However, it is still necessary to use antivirus software to protect your email as well. G DATA offers the Encrypted Connections (SSL) module for this. This gives you the added option of checking SSL-encrypted email for viruses and malware.

To enable the G DATA software to check email that has been SSL-encrypted, a G DATA software certificate must be imported into the email program. This ensures that your G DATA software can check incoming email.

It supports all email programs that can either import certificates or can access the Windows certificate store, e.g.:

  • Outlook 2003 or higher
  • Thunderbird
  • The Bat
  • Pegasusmail

Please proceed as follows if the G DATA certificate is not installed automatically:

  1. Your email program should not be active when installing the certificate. Therefore please close all email programs before generating and installing the certificate.
  2. In the G DATA software, check the box next to Check SSL Connections.
  3. Click on the Export Certificate button. The G DATA software will now generate a certificate. This file is called GDataRootCertificate.crt.
  4. Now open the GDataRootCertificate.crt file. A dialogue window appears in which you can install the certificate on your computer.
  5. In the dialogue window, click on the Install Certificate button and follow the instructions from the installation wizard.

You are done. Outlook and every other email program that can access the Windows certificate store now has the certificate required for checking SSL-encrypted incoming email for viruses and other malware.

Note: If you use Thunderbird (portable) and the certificate is not imported automatically, you will need to import this later and manage the trust settings for the generated G DATA certificate. To do this, please select the CERTIFICATES button in Thunderbird (portable) under Options > Advanced > Certificates. If you click here, various tabs appear. Please select the Authorities tab and then the IMPORT button. You can now select the "G DATA Mail Scanner Root" certificate.

If you now check the boxes next to the following option fields and click OK, your Thunderbird portable will be protected by G DATA:

  • Trust this CA to identify websites.
  • Trust this CA to identify email users.
  • Trust this CA to identify software developers.

There are similar functions in other email programs for importing certificates. In case of doubt, please see the appropriate help text to read how this works for the email program you use.

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