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Open mobile safe

If you want to open a portable safe on a Windows computer that does not have the G DATA data safe module, you can easily access the data by selecting the start.exe or start program file in the TSNxG_4 folder on the USB stick, mobile hard drive or CD/DVD. If you click on this, a dialog appears in which you can open the safe or (if already open) close it.

Warning: If the G DATA data safe is being used on a computer for the first time, the relevant driver data and program elements are now downloaded. A computer restart is then required. After restarting the computer, choose the Start or Start.exe entry again.

Now enter your password or use one of the other safe access methods.

The safe is now opened and the contents of the safe can be used.

After successfully logging in to the safe, the safe icon appears as an additional drive with a corresponding drive letter next to the local drives in Windows Explorer. Every mobile safe user can copy data from the safe onto the computer. When a mobile safe is used on a USB data carrier or Flash memory data carrier, any appropriately authorised user can copy safe data from the computer to the safe.

Closing the mobile safe is performed in the same way as opening it. Double-click the drive letter for the safe or choose a corresponding command from the context menu by using the right mouse button.

Warning: We recommend closing the safe once you have finished your work and before removing the portable data carrier. To do so, go to the removable data medium, open the G DATA directory and click on Start.exe. A dialog window then appears in which the safe can be closed.
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