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Setting up a new safe and installing the plug-in

Click on the PASSWORD SAFE entry. A dialog box now opens in which you can set up a new safe by selecting CREATE NEW SAFE.

To do so, enter a password, confirm it, click on CREATE SAFE and the safe is set up. The reminder phrase will help you recall a forgotten password.

The safe is now set up. On the right hand side of the program window, you can select the browser in which you want to set up the Password Manager plug-in. To do so, simply click on the relevant browser name and the plug-in is installed.

The next time you open the browser, you may be asked whether you want to use the new plug-in. Please confirm this for the G DATA Password Manager.

You will now see the following icon in the browser’s toolbar:  You can use the Password Manager by clicking on the icon.
To do so, please enter your password in the dialog that appears and click on UNLOCK. Using the browser plug-in is explained in the following chapter.

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