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After the installation

After installing you can launch your newly installed G DATA software via the software icon in the taskbar. Furthermore there are now additional security functions available on your computer:

Security icon

Your G DATA software permanently protects your computer against malware and attacks. An icon in the computer's taskbar tells you as soon as the software considers intervention by the user to be necessary. You can open the G DATA program interface by right-clicking the icon. Please read about this in the section entitled Security icon.


If you have selected the shredder during installation (not integrated with G DATA Antivirus), this is available as a desktop icon. Data you move to the shredder will be removed in such a way that it cannot be restored, even using professional data recovery tools. In doing so the data is overwritten using a fully customizable number of processes. You can access the settings by right-clicking the shredder icon and calling up the properties.

Fast check

The fast check enables you to easily check files without having to launch the software at all. Just use the mouse to highlight files or folders in Windows Explorer, for example. Now right-click and select  Check for viruses  in the dialog window that appears. The affected files will now be automatically scanned for viruses.

Your computer starts differently than usual after installing the software : This may be because the software CD is still in the drive. Simply remove the CD and your computer will restart as normal.
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