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This article shows how to access your invoices and how to change your bank details.


To see your invoices, click on the tile Invoices. A list of invoices will appear. For each invoice you can see the invoice date, the invoice number and the amount. You can also download the invoice as a *.pdf file. To do this, click on DOWNLOAD at the end of the line. Open invoices can be settled directly. To do this, click on PAY; they will then be forwarded to payment. If you prefer to receive your invoices by post, this is possible. Set the option switch to Yes. To save all changes, click on SAVE SETTINGS.

Change bank details

If you have a subscription-type of license, you can manage your bank details here. The bank details which are already stored are not displayed, however, you can update them. The entry of your IBAN is checked, the bank name and BIC/SWIFT will then be filled automatically if entered correctly.

To make the change effective, you must issue a new SEPA Direct Debit mandate to G DATA. To do so, check the box I would like to issue the mandate (electronic transmission) and save the details by clicking on SAVE DATA.

Data protection

The Data protection tile allows you to configure if and how we are allowed to contact you.

Configure your settings then confirm them clicking on SAVE SETTINGS.

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