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 Multi-user licenses

You can use multi-user licenses to operate the G DATA software on the licensed number of computers. You will receive online access data after installation on the first computer and running the Internet update. When you install your software on the next computer, just enter the user name and password you were given when registering on the G DATA UpdateServer. Repeat this procedure on every other computer.

Please use the access data (user name and password) assigned to you when you first registered for Internet updates for all PCs. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Start the G DATA Software.
  2. Go to the SecurityCenter and click on Update virus signatures.
  3. In the window that now opens, please enter the access data that was sent to you by email. If you then click on OK, your computer will be licensed.
 Licence renewal

A few days before your licence expires, an information window appears in the task bar. If you click this, a dialogue window opens in which you can extend your licence easily in a few steps. Just click on the Buy now button, complete your data and your virus protection will be guaranteed again immediately. You will then receive the invoice in the next few days via email as a PDF.

Note: This dialog only appears at the end of the first year. Thereafter your G DATA license will be automatically extended every year. You can cancel this extension service at any time by giving 30 days' notice to the end of the term.
 Changing computers

You can use your existing access data to use your G DATA product on a new or different computer. Just install the software and enter the access data. The update server will set up a connection to the new computer in this case. If your G DATA software is still on your old computer, the license must be transferred from the old computer to the new one.

Note: The number of licence transfers is limited – when the limit is reached the licence is completely blocked, so that no more updates of any kind can be downloaded.

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