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In this area you can select all the modules that the tuner should use for a tuning process. Selected modules are then either started automatically as a scheduled event (see Scheduling) or manually. To activate a module simply double-click it. You can optimize the following main tuning areas as you want here:

  • Security: Various functions that download data automatically from the Internet are only of use to the provider and have no benefit for you. These functions may often leave you vulnerable to malware. With these modules you can protect your system and keep it up-to-date.
  • Performance: Temporary files, e.g. backup files that are no longer required, log files or installation files that still take up disk space following the installation slow down your hard drive and take up valuable disk space. Moreover processes and file links that are no longer required can significantly slow down your system. You can use the modules listed here to remove this superfluous load from your computer and speed the computer up.
  • Data protection: This summarizes the modules that deal with protecting your data. Traces that are created unintentionally while surfing or using the computer in general and that contain a lot of information about your user behavior, or even important data and passwords, are deleted here.

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