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We are delighted that you have chosen our product and hope that you are entirely satisfied with your new G DATA software. If something does not seem to work straight away, our help documentation will be of assistance to you. If you have any other questions, our experts in the ServiceCenter  are at your disposal.

Note : You can consult the comprehensive help pages within the software at any time to get all the information you need straight away. To do so, just click the help icon  on the upper right hand side of the software, then click "Show help (F1)".

System Requirements for Windows

For the software to work properly, your Windows PC should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 11 (64-Bit only) 10 / 8.1 / 7 (SP1): Min. 2 GB RAM (32- & 64-Bit), CPU with x86- or x64-Architecture
  • An Internet connection is required for the installation of the software and for virus signature and software updates.

If your computer is or has already been protected by antivirus software, you can run the installation as follows. However, if you are reasonably sure that your computer is infected with a virus, you are recommended to run a  BootScan  prior to installing the software.

Installation on Windows

Step 1 - Starting the installation

Launch the installation as follows:

  • CD/DVD installation: To begin the installation, place the software CD or DVD in the tray.
  • Software download: Just click on the downloaded file to begin installing a version of the software downloaded from the Internet.

An installation window will open automatically.

Step 2 - Language selection

Please select the language your new G DATA software should be in when you install it.

Step 3 - Installation methods

A wizard then guides you through the process of installing the software on your computer. Now select whether you want to run the default installation or a user-defined installation. We recommend the default installation.

Malware Information Initiative:  G DATA SecurityLabs is constantly investigating ways of protecting G DATA customers against malware (viruses, worms, and malicious software). The more information there is available, the more effectively the protection mechanisms can be developed. There is plenty of information available, but only on systems that are attacked or infected. The G DATA Malware Information Initiative was founded to enable such information to be included in the analysis. Malware-related information is sent to G DATA SecurityLabs in this context. Through your participation, you are contributing to helping all G DATA customers make the Internet safer to use. When installing the G DATA software, you can decide whether you want to send information to G DATA SecurityLabs or not.

Note : With the user-defined installation, you can select the storage location you want for the program data and enable or disable software modules (e.g. spam protection) during the installation.

Step 4 - License agreement

Now read the license agreement and agree to it.

Step 4.1 - User-defined installation (optional)

If you have selected user-defined installation at Step 3, two windows will now appear in which you can specify the installation directory for the software and the range of modules to install. If you have selected the default installation, you can skip this step.

 Installation directory and range of modules

Installation directory

Range of modules

  • User-defined: Here you can specify the scope of the installation by checking the checkboxes for the various software modules (e.g. AntiSpam etc.).
  • Complete: All the modules in your version of the software will be installed.
  • Minimal: With the AntiVirus module, only the basic virus protection in your G DATA software is installed.

Updates : You can use setup to install software modules or update your software at any point in the future. Simply restart the setup and select  Customize Installation  to increase or reduce the software modules. If you have a new software version and want to update it, you can specify which additional modules to select/deselect under the  User-defined Update  option.

Step 5 - Software version

Here you can also specify whether you want to install the software as a full version or as a trial version. If you have purchased the software and have a registration number, you should of course select the  Full version  option. To help familiarize yourself with the G DATA software for free, you can simply take advantage of our time-limited trial access.

Step 6 - Product activation

Product activation occurs during installation. Here you can activate your software.

Enter a new registration number: If you reinstall your G DATA software, please select this option and enter the registration number that came with the product. Depending on the type of product, you will find this, for example, on the back of user manual, in the confirmation email for a software download or on the product packaging.

Note : The product will be activated on entering the registration number. You will also receive an email with your access data for subsequent use.

Enter access data: If you have already activated your G DATA software, you will have received your access data (user name and password). After reinstalling the software or to register another computer (with a multi-user license), just enter the access data here.

Note : You will only receive the access data via email. No access data is delivered with the product itself.

If you have lost or forgotten your access data, go to the login page and click on the  Access data misplaced?  entry. A website opens where you can enter your registration number. When you have done so, your access data will be re-sent to the email address you entered during registration. If your email address has changed in the mean time, please contact our Service Center.

Activate later : If you just want to evaluate the software, you can also install it without entering any data. However, if you do so, no Internet updates can be downloaded by the software, and you will not have adequate protection against malware. You can enter your registration number or access data subsequently at any time by performing an update.

Step 7 - Finishing the installation

You may have to restart your computer after the installation is complete. Your G DATA software is then available.

After the installation

After installing you can launch your newly installed G DATA software via the software icon in the taskbar. Furthermore there are now additional security functions available on your computer:

Security icon

Your G DATA software permanently protects your computer against malware and attacks. An icon in the computer's taskbar tells you as soon as the software considers intervention by the user to be necessary. You can open the G DATA program interface by right-clicking the icon. Please read about this in the section entitled Security icon.


If you have selected the shredder during installation (not integrated with G DATA Antivirus), this is available as a desktop icon. Data you move to the shredder will be removed in such a way that it cannot be restored, even using professional data recovery tools. In doing so the data is overwritten using a fully customizable number of processes. You can access the settings by right-clicking the shredder icon and calling up the properties.

Fast check

The fast check enables you to easily check files without having to launch the software at all. Just use the mouse to highlight files or folders in Windows Explorer, for example. Now right-click and select  Check for viruses  in the dialog window that appears. The affected files will now be automatically scanned for viruses.

Your computer starts differently than usual after installing the software : This may be because the software CD is still in the drive. Simply remove the CD and your computer will restart as normal.