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Email check - Advanced settings

If you do not use the default ports for your email programs, you can enter the port you use for incoming or outgoing emails under Server port(s). Click on the Default button to automatically restore the default port numbers. You can also enter multiple ports. Separate each of these with a comma.

Warning: Microsoft Outlook is protected by a special plugin that allows you to scan folders and emails directly from Outlook. In order to scan an email or a folder in Outlook for viruses, just click on the G DATA icon and the currently selected email folder will be scanned.

Since the software processes incoming emails before the email program itself, you may get an error message if there is a large quantity of emails or the connection is slow. This is because it is not receiving the email data immediately as it is being scanned for viruses by the software. Such error messages in the email program are prevented by checking the box next to Avoid mail server timeout, and as soon as any email data has been scanned for viruses, it is then forwarded to the email program as normal.

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