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File protection

You can use file protection to protect certain files from being deleted by the tuner, for example game scores for computer games or similar files with unusual file extensions, which could also be interpreted as backup or temp files.

 To protect specific files, click the Add button and enter the corresponding file name. You can also use wildcards here.
Wildcards function as follows:

  • The question mark symbol (?) represents individual characters.
  • The asterisk symbol (*) represents entire character strings.

For instance, in order to protect all files with the file extension .sav, enter *.sav. To protect e.g. files of different types that have file names that start identically, you enter text*.* for example.

Now choose the folder in which the files are to be protected by clicking the ADVANCED button. Here you can now select the storage location where the files to be protected are located. The Tuner now protects the files thus defined in this folder only (e.g. only game scores in the relevant games folder).

 To grant access to excluded folders again, select them from the displayed list and click on the Delete button.

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