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Monitor computer usage time

This allows you to specify for how long and at what times the selected user can use the computer. To do this, set the checkmark for Monitor computer usage period. You can now specify how long the user may use the computer for in total per month, how long per week and how many hours on certain weekdays. This means that e.g. weekends for school children can be handled differently from weekdays. You can simply set the relevant periods under Days/hh:mm, where for example the entry 04/20:05 would mean permission to use the computer for 4 days, 20 hours and 5 minutes. You can use the Display warning before time expires button to automatically inform the user shortly before the computer is shut down so that he/she can save his/her data beforehand. Otherwise data losses may occur if the computer is shut down without warning.

Note: In the context of the computer usage entries, it is always the smallest value that is used. That means, if you specify a restriction of four days for the month but allow e.g. five days during the week, the software automatically caps the user's computer usage at four days.

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