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Browser Cleaner

The G DATA Browser Cleaner is capable of blocking or removing unwanted program components and add-ons. These programs are often installed with free software and can change browser settings or even spy on data. You can use the Browser Cleaner to view these unwanted programs ("PUP" = Potentially Unwanted Programs) in the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and specify for yourself if these should only be disabled or should be completely removed. Disabling the add-ons can be reversed again at any time.

Note:  The G DATA Browser Cleaner works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and enables effortlessly easy management of all installed browser extensions. With a click of the mouse, all plug-ins in the list can be disabled or removed to free the browser of unwanted extensions. The tool optionally displays all plug-ins categorized as safe, so you can quickly and easily distinguish the unsafe or unwanted extensions. The G DATA Browser Cleaner is included in the comprehensive G DATA Total Security solution and is always available to users of this.
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