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Boot medium

The boot medium is a useful tool for ridding your computer of viruses that have already contaminated it. Use of a boot medium is particularly recommended for computers that had no virus protection prior to installing the G DATA software. You can read up on how to use a boot medium in the section entitled boot scan.

 To create a boot medium, just click on the Create boot medium button and follow the installation wizard's instructions. Here you have the option of downloading current virus signatures to bring your boot medium fully up to date. You also have the option of burning a CD/DVD as a boot medium or using a USB stick as a boot medium.
If you are using the G DATA Total Security software version, you can also use a boot medium to restore a drive backup to the volume on which the system is currently located. It is also possible to restore a drive or file backup to another target here. To do so, insert the boot medium and select Start Restore.

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