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User-specific rules

If you want to grant restricted permissions for storage media to specific users only, in this area you can first select the user name of the user set up on your computer then restrict access to the relevant storage medium as described in General rules. In this way, for example, as administrator and owner of the computer you can permit full access for yourself but just restricted permissions for other users.

Select the user here. If you now click on OK, another dialog opens in which you can specify which access method you want for this user and whether authorization for this user is limited to a specific period (e.g. two weeks) (Validity).

Note: User-specific rules override general rules. This means that if you specify generally that access to USB sticks is not permitted, you can still allow a specific user to use them via a user-specific rule. If a user has been allocated certain access restrictions via device control that are time-limited, the general rules will apply for this user again when this restriction expires.

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