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In this area you can create general settings for the backup module functionality.

  • Directory for temporary files: Specify here where temporary backup module data should be saved. These files are created when generating or restoring a backup, and are automatically deleted again when the relevant process is complete. However, you need to have sufficient hard disk storage space available here, otherwise the backup/restore speed will be limited. This setting should only be changed if there is insufficient storage space available for temporary files on the selected drive.
  • Check source/destination drive on same hard disk: Normally the backup module will warn the user whenever he tries to create a backup on the same data medium that the original files are located on. This occurs because, in the event of a failure or loss of this data medium, by default the backup would no longer be available either. However, if you want to regularly run backups to the original data medium for a specific reason, you can disable this warning message here.

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