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Backup and restore

As soon as a backup job has been set up via the New job function, you can directly control and edit it via the following icons:

Restore: You can use this to restore data that has been archived in the backup to your system. How the restore works is explained in the section entitled Restore backup.
Backup: You can use this to start the backup process for the defined backup job immediately and out of sequence, regardless of the preset schedule for this backup.
Settings: You can use this to change the settings for the relevant backup job that you made when initially setting up the backup job under New backup job.
Logs: Here you can see all the processes carried out by this backup job. You will find entries on manual or scheduled backup processes carried out, information on any restores and, if appropriate, any error messages, e.g. when the target directory does not have enough storage space for the backup being run.

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