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The Autostart Manager enables you to manage programs that are automatically started when Windows starts. Normally such programs are loaded on system start-up. However, when they are managed by the Autostart Manager, they can also be started with a delay or according to the workload of the system or hard disk. This makes system start-up faster and so improves the performance of your computer.

When you open the Autostart Manager, you can see a list on the left hand side of all autostart programs that are installed on your computer. These normally start without a delay, i.e. at the same time as Windows starts, which can cause your computer to start very slowly.

 Simply use the arrow icon to select the autostart programs that you want to start with a delay, thus smoothing the Windows start-up process. This will make your Windows operating system load and be ready for use significantly faster.
 If you want an autostart program to start without a delay again, simply move it back from the Autostart with delay folder to the Autostart without delay folder.

Set delay

If you have a program in the Autostart with delay folder, you can easily specify how many minutes the start of this software should be delayed for. Just click on the program and select the period of time you want in the Delay column.

The following options are available:

  • Do not launch: The application is managed by the Autostart Manager but is not started on the next system restart. It remains inactive.
  • 1 - 10 minutes: The application starts after the number of minutes selected here.
  • Automatic start: The application starts automatically according to the load on the CPU/hard disk. This means that the next autostart application will only start when the system load caused by other autostart applications or processes starting has reduced again.


If you double-click the entry for a program in the Autostart Manager lists, you will see detailed information on the software being managed.

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