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Here you can specify whether the firewall should operate independently and in self-learning mode so the user is not consulted about deciding whether to block or allow queries from the Internet, or whether the user should be asked in case of doubt.

  • Autopilot mode: Here the firewall works fully autonomously and automatically keeps threats from the local PC. This setting offers practical all-around protection and is recommended in most cases.
  • Create rules manually: If you want to custom configure your firewall, you can set up your firewall protection how you want via manual rule creation.
  • Offer to use autopilot mode when launching a full screen application: During computer games (and other full-screen applications), it can be disruptive if the firewall interrupts the flow of the game with inquiry windows or simply interferes with the display. To ensure that you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming without security compromises, the autopilot is a useful setting because it suppresses the inquiries of the firewall. If you are not using the autopilot as a default setting, you can use this function to ensure that it is always activated if you are using a program running in full-screen mode.
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