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Here you can define the target or location to which the G DATA software should save the backup copy of the files and folders or hard drives and partitions. This can be a CD- or DVD-ROM drive, another hard disk, a USB stick, other removable media or a directory on the network.

Archive name: Here you can enter a meaningful name for the archive file to be created, e.g. Weekly backup own files, MP3 backup etc.

New folder: If you want to set up a new folder for the backup, select the storage location you want in the directory view, then click on the New folder button.

Note: Please ensure that the backup is not made to the same disk on which the original data is located. If this disk becomes defective, you will lose both your original and your backup data. The best thing to do is to keep the backup in a place that is remote from the original files, i.e. on a USB hard disk in another room or burnt to CD/DVD-ROM.

Create cloud archive: You can save your backup to the cloud services Dropbox or Google Drive. Simply log in with the access data for your cloud service account and your backup archive will be uploaded to the cloud.

Note: When backing up to the Cloud, you should ensure that your backup data is encrypted. In the Options under New backup job you can enable/disable data encryption.

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