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f you want to use virus protection on a slow computer, there is the option of improving the security level to the benefit of performance, thus improving the operating speed of the computer. In the diagram you can see what effect optimising the settings can bring.

  • Standard computer (recommended): You have the complete protection of the G DATA software at your disposal. The two antivirus engines in the software work hand in hand. In addition, all read and write access on your computer is checked for malware.
Engine: Your G DATA software works using two antivirus engines. In principle, use of both engines should guarantee optimum virus protection results.
  • Slow computer: In order not to compromise the processing speed of slower computers, your G DATA software can also work with just one engine. This is the only protection offered by numerous antivirus programs on the market that only work with one engine in the first place. This means that the level of protection is still good. Furthermore you can specify that scans are only carried out in monitor mode when write processes are being executed. This means that only newly saved data is checked, improving performance even more.
  • User-defined: Here you can custom select whether you want to use both engines or just one engine and you can specify whether the monitor should be active when reading and writing, just when writing (executing) or not at all (not recommended).


By allocating a password you can protect the settings for your G DATA software. In this way another user of your computer cannot switch off e.g. the virus monitor or idle scan.

To allocate a password, please enter it in "Password" then "Re-enter password" to prevent typing errors. You can also enter a hint for the password under "Password hint".

Note: The password hint is displayed if an incorrect password has been entered. Hence the password hint should only enable you to infer the password.
Note: Such password protection represents enhanced protection of the software. You can achieve maximum security by working with multiple user accounts. Hence as administrator you should manage e.g. virus protection in your user account and other users (e.g. children, friends or relatives) cannot make changes via their user accounts with restricted permissions.
Note: If you no longer need a password for your G DATA software – e.g. after setting up different user accounts – you can use the "Remove password" button to remove the requirement to enter a password.

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