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You can manage and maintain your data backups and more in this area.

The following tools are available for this purpose:

  • Burn archive to CD/DVD retrospectively
  • Import archive
  • Create boot medium

You can burn backup files to CD or DVD at a later date. To do this, simply choose the project you want to burn in the dialogue box displayed and then click the CONTINUE  button.

Choose which drive you want to burn the data backup on.

The following options are available:

  • Check data after burning: if you set a checkmark here, the burned data is checked again after the process of burning. This takes a bit longer than a burning process without a check but is generally recommended.
  • Copy restore program files: If you activate this function, in addition to the archive data a program is also installed in the storage area of your data backup that you can use to restore your data without using installed G DATA software. To use this function, start the AVKBackup program or AVKBackup.exe from the CD/DVD ROM.

Click the BURN button to start the burning process. Once the burning process is complete, the backup CD/DVD is ejected automatically.

Note: Of course, the backup data is not deleted from the original data medium after the burning process. Retrospective burning to CD/DVD is an additional backup.

To restore archives and data backups located on a drive that is not managed by the G DATA software, please use the Import archives function. Here, a dialogue box opens in which you can search for the required archive files with the extension ARC, e.g. on a CD, DVD or on the network. Once you have found the archive you want, please set a checkmark and then click the OK button. A message window tells you that the archive has been imported successfully. If you then want to use this archive to restore data, simply go to the Restore area in the G DATA software, select the backup you want and start the restore.

Note: Archive files generated by the G DATA software have the file extension ARC.

In order to be able to restore backups even when the G DATA software is not installed, you can create a CD/DVD or USB stick that contains special software that you can use to be able to restore data. To restore backups in this way, start the boot medium and select the program AVKBackup or AVKBackup.exe there. You can now select the backup you want and start the restore.

Note: How to create a boot medium is explained in the section entitled Boot medium. The boot medium does two jobs for the G DATA software. You can use it to restore backups, and you can use the boot scan to check your computer for viruses before starting Windows.
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