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Sender filter

You can use the sender filter to easily block email coming from certain senders. To do this, simply enter the email addresses or domain names to which the G DATA software should react under Sender/domains. Use a semicolon to separate multiple entries.

Under Reaction you can determine what is to be done with emails identified as spam by the G DATA software.

Using Reject mail means the email in question will not even be accepted by your email program.

If you check the box for Insert warning in mail subject and text you can prefix the actual text in the subject line with a warning (prefix in subject line), e.g. Spam or Warning. You can also enter text to be placed above the actual email text in the event of suspected spam (Message in text).

If you use Microsoft Outlook (caution: not to be confused with Outlook Express or Windows Mail), you also have the option of moving emails containing suspected spam to a fully customizable folder in your mailbox (Move mail to folder). You can create this folder directly via the G DATA software by defining the corresponding folder under Folder name.

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