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"My G DATA" is your personal customer area. Here you can manage your products and your licenses.


Please enter your G DATA access data to log in. You have received this by e-mail when you registered your G DATA product. Then click on the Login button.

If you have forgotten your access data, click on the Lost Login button and follow the instructions.


To navigate My G DATA, use the tiles that you will find on the screen after logging in to the dashboard. For a guided tour, open the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow next to your name. Then click on Start guided tour.

Remaining term

The remaining term of your license is displayed here in days.

The color of the display changes depending on the remaining term.

Your product

The tile of your product shows the current product and the number of licenses.

Clicking on the tile of your product opens an pop-up window where you can read the following information:

Product name
Number of licenses
Expiry date
Features of your product

If you have a subscription, you'll see instead:

Product name
Number of licenses
Automatic extension date
Next invoice date
Features of your product


If you have new messages, you will see a number in a red circle on the envelope icon on the upper right hand side of the window. A click on the icon opens a sidebar with the message(s). Possible messages are, for example, pending invoices or pending orders.

Renew license

Clicking on the Renew license tile you opens a window which allows you to renew your license.

You have two options to renew:

Renew once: this option allows you to renew your license for 12 or 24 months. The price for your selection will be displayed.

Automatic Renewal: this option protects your device continuously. Your license remains active as long as you want.

You can also renew your license with a registration number from a license renewal box. Enter the registration number in the field. After clicking the Renew license now button, you will see whether your license renewal was successful. Then you will also see how long your new license is valid.

Change license

Clicking on the Change license tile you opens a window which allows you to increase the number of devices your license covers and/or to switch to a product with more features.

If you want to switch products, you can see which functions will be available to you after the change.

In addition, you can terminate a license subscription here.

Make your selection then click on the Buy now button to complete the license change.

G DATA Device management: License transfer

The section below shows how you can transfer your license to a new system with G DATA Device Management, for example after purchasing a new computer.

First enter your access data on your new system and if you receive the message that your current license is not sufficient, proceed as follows:

Step 1.

Click YES, ADMINISTRATE LICENSE IN MY GDATA. You will be automatically logged into MY G DATA. Alternatively, you can log in to the G DATA website with your access data.

Step 2.

Close the superimposed window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

Step 3.

Now click on YOUR DEVICES. You will now see an overview of all active computers as well as those waiting to be activated.

Step 4.

Select the computer you want to disable and click the disconnect icon on the right. This will disable this computer.

If you don't know which computer to disable, you might want to disable a computer that hasn't loaded virus signatures for a long time.

Step 5.

Now open your G DATA software again and start a virus signature update or enter your access data again. This completes the transfer of your license.

Personal data

Here you can change your personal data. The following information can be edited:

  • First name and surname
  • Company (if relevant)
  • Address
  • Email address

To edit your data, first click on the Personal data tile. Then change the information you want to change in the corresponding input field. You end the editing by clicking on SAVE DATA.

Change e-mail address

  • The current e-mail address is displayed in the first field.
  • A change to the current e-mail address is made in the first field.
  • Only then will the second field Repeat new e-mail address be released.
  • The new e-mail address will be checked for validity.


To see your invoices, click on the tile Invoices. A list of invoices will appear. For each invoice you can see the invoice date, the invoice number and the amount. You can also download the invoice as a *.pdf file. To do this, click on DOWNLOAD at the end of the line. Open invoices can be settled directly. To do this, click on PAY; they will then be forwarded to payment. If you prefer to receive your invoices by post, this is possible. Set the option switch to Yes. To save all changes, click on SAVE SETTINGS.

Change bank details

If you have a subscription-type of license, you can manage your bank details here. The bank details which are already stored are not displayed, however, you can update them. The entry of your IBAN is checked, the bank name and BIC/SWIFT will then be filled automatically if entered correctly.

To make the change effective, you must issue a new SEPA Direct Debit mandate to G DATA. To do so, check the box I would like to issue the mandate (electronic transmission) and save the details by clicking on SAVE DATA.

Data protection

The Data protection tile allows you to configure if and how we are allowed to contact you.

Configure your settings then confirm them clicking on SAVE SETTINGS.


Use the Downloads tile to download manuals and installation files for your products.


The support tile will redirect you to our support team.


You can find frequently asked questions about our products via the FAQ tile. This could allow you to find a solution to your issue the quickest way.

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