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iOS-settings - Profiles

Using profiles you can deploy security policies to (groups of) iOS devices. Use the Add profile toolbar button to define a new profile by entering its Name and a Description (optional). Each profile can contain up to five policies, each focusing on a specific branch of settings. Under Add policy, select one of the following five policies and click the plus sign to add it to the profile:

  • Functionality restrictions: Disable specific functions of the iOS device (such as camera usage, Siri or iCloud).
  • App restrictions: Disable specific apps or app settings (such as YouTube, iTunes Store or Safari).
  • Media content restrictions: Disable specific types of media content, based on various rating Systems.
  • Passcode settings: Enforce iOS passcode standards (such as minimum length, minimum complexity and a maximum number of failed attempts).
  • WLAN: Allow the iOS device to connect to a specific wireless network.

Select a policy to edit its settings. Click Apply to save the profile and all its policies. If you are editing a profile that has already been assigned to a device, the updated profile will be synchronized with the device and a report will be added to the Logs (iOS) module as soon as the device has applied it. Profiles can be imported and exported by clicking the respective buttons. Profile settings are saved as a JSON file.

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