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Updates - Access data and settings

With your online registration you received access data for updating the virus databases and program files. Enter these under User name and Password. Select the nearest Region to ensure optimal speed when downloading updates.

The Version check (enabled by default) should always be switched on because it improves update speed. If, however, problems arise with virus signature databases, switch off the version check. During the next update, the integrity of all virus signature database files will be checked and files will be redownloaded if necessary.

Proxy settings opens a window in which proxy server credentials can be entered. You should only enter these if an update cannot be executed without a proxy server.

G DATA software can use the Internet Explorer proxy connection data (from version 4). First configure Internet Explorer and check whether the test page of our update server is accessible: In the Proxy settings window, switch off the option Use
proxy server. Under User account, enter the account for which you have configured Internet Explorer (the account with which you have logged in to your computer).

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