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Updates - Signature updates

On the Signature updates panel, you can configure the process of downloading signature updates from the G DATA update server to G DATA ManagementServer.

The following information and settings are available under Status:

  • Version engine A: The current version of the virus signatures for engine A on G DATA ManagementServer.
  • Version engine B: The current version of the virus signatures for engine B on G DATA ManagementServer.
  • Last execution: Timestamp for the last execution of the virus signature update process.
  • Status: The status of the virus signature update process.
  • Update status: Update the Status field.
  • Run update now: Carry out an immediate update of the virus signature database on G DATA ManagementServer.

Under Automatic updates, the virus signature update can be scheduled. To do this, check the box next to Run update periodically and specify when and with what cycle the update is to be carried out. To enable automatic updating, your G DATA ManagementServer must be connected to the Internet and you must have entered the user name and password that you have received upon registration under Updates > Access data and settings. If the server connects to the Internet via a proxy server, your proxy credentials must also be entered there.

Updates can be distributed centrally (from the ManagementServer or subnet server to clients) or, if you activate Peer to Peer update distribution, decentralised (allowing already updated clients to distribute updates to other clients). Be sure to check the port requirements for this option.

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