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Remote installation - G DATA Security Client for Windows

The most convenient way to install clients is to initiate a remote installation through G DATA Administrator. The Server setup wizard and the Clients module allow you to automatically install G DATA Security Client to all machines.

In addition to the required port configuration, remote installations have the following prerequisites:

A user account with administrative permissions on the client must be entered. The account does not necessarily need to have a password. In that case, however, the target machine must be explicitly configured to allow network logons for accounts without a password. More information can be found in the Reference Guide. To remotely install a subnet server, an account password must be set: an empty password field is not permitted.

Service Control Manager on the client must be remotely accessible using the specified user account.

The specified user account must have write permissions for at least one network share on the client, such as C$, Admin$ or a custom share. Access can be enabled by opening the Network and Sharing center and enabling File and Printer Sharing under Advanced sharing settings (Windows Vista and newer). On Windows XP, enable File and Printer Sharing on the Exceptions tab of Windows Firewall.

When the client is not in a domain, additional settings must be configured:

Simple File Sharing (Windows XP) or the Use Sharing Wizard option (Windows Vista/ Windows Server 2008 or newer) must be disabled. It is enabled by default in all Windows installations and can be disabled by opening any folder in Windows Explorer, clicking Organize > Folder and search options > View, and unchecking the respective option.

When the client is using Windows Vista or newer: Open Registry Editor on the client and navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System. Add a DWORD value named LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy with value 1.

Using the Server setup wizard, which is automatically run the first time you start G DATA Administrator, you get an overview of all enabled computers in the network. You can also manually add and enable computers by name. Alternatively, the Clients module allows you to install G DATA Security Client by selecting one or more machines in the client list, right-clicking on them and choosing Install G DATA Security Client. After selecting the machines, both procedures carry on similarly. An input window appears in which you should enter the User name, Password and Domain with access rights on the clients. After selecting a display language for the client, the Installation overview window is automatically opened. In most cases, the client will need to be rebooted in order to complete the installation: the installation procedure will add a report to the Security events module if a reboot is required.

When using Active Directory integration, you can choose to automatically attempt to install G DATA Security Client on newly added computers. The same prerequisites apply.

Remote installation can be completed in two ways. If the clients meet the necessary prerequisites, the files are copied directly and entries are made in the registry. If the server can only access the hard drive and not the registry, or if other system prerequisites are not met, the entire setup program is copied to the client and started automatically at the next computer reboot.

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