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PolicyManager - Web content control

Web content control is used to provide users with Internet access within the scope of their duties while preventing visiting non-desirable websites or websites in particular subject areas. You can select or block certain areas by checking or unchecking a checkbox for the client in question. The categories cover a large number of subject areas and are constantly updated by G DATA. Network administrator costs associated with maintaining white- and blacklists thus no longer apply.

Under Status, specify whether the limitations should apply to all users (including administrators) or only to users who do not have administrator rights on the client.

Under Global exceptions, it is possible to ensure that certain websites are blocked or allowed company-wide across the entire network, regardless of any settings that have been made under Allowed categories. To do this, click Add, select Allow or Block, enter the Address (without protocol) and click OK to add the exception. Click Edit to edit an existing exception or Delete to delete exception(s).

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