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Modul ReportManager

The ReportManager creates reports with information from various areas of the G DATA security solution. The reports are sent by e-mail to selected recipients, but can also be accessed directly via G DATA Administrator.

Export the list as a CSV file

Update the table

Remove selected report

Create new report
ImportImport existing configurations (.dbdat)
ExportExport Report Settings as .dbdat

You can call up all reports that have already been sent by clicking on the plus sign on the left in the overview. You can see the date and time when the respective report was created and sent. Double-click on the date to open the respective report in G DATA Administrator.

Right-click on the report to open the menu to perform the following actions:

UpdateUpdate the table
RemoveRemove selected report
DuplicateCreate a copy of the selected report
Execute immediatelyImmediately receive the selected report. To view it, click on the plus sign on the left and then double-click on the entry with the current date.
HistoryIn a larger overview window you can see all the reports that have been sent. Double-click on the date to open the respective report.
PropertiesOpens the report definition. Among other things, you can adjust the time of execution, recipient and modules.

The G DATA Defense Report cannot be edited or deleted. However, it can be duplicated for editing.

Create or edit a new report

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