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Column selection

To select columns, right-click on the column header and then click Select Columns.

A window opens where you can select and deselect the columns.

Once you have selected the desired columns and confirmed your selection, you can drag the columns into any order. To do this, click on the column header, hold down the mouse button and drag the column to the desired position.

Column width

For a better overview, the column widths can be adjusted.

To do this, hold the mouse pointer at the right end of the desired column until it changes to a double arrow. Now you can drag the column narrower or wider.


For a better overview you can group entries. To do this, grab the column header after which you want to group and drag it to the row above. 

The groupings can be nested within each other as desired. To remove, click on the group in the grouping line and drag it out to the top or click on the small x next to the group. 

Filtering and sorting

Entries can be filtered with a variety of filters. To do this, click on the funnel icon to the right of the column header in the column where you want to apply the filter. Select what you want to filter by and confirm your entry. 

With a click into the column header the entries are sorted chronologically or alphabetically first ascending and after another click, descending.

To remove the filters, click Reset all filters in the grouping row on the right. 

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