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Firewall - Rule wizard

The Rule wizard helps you add rules to the selected rule set or to modify existing rules.

The following actions are available in the Rule wizard:

  • Grant or deny access for a specific application: Select a targeted application and permit or prohibit access to the network as part of the selected rule set. Simply use the wizard to select the desired program (program path), then indicate under Connection direction whether the program is to be blocked for inbound connections, outbound connections, or both. This enables you, for example, to prevent your MP3 player software from forwarding data about your listening habits (outbound connections) or to ensure that program updates are not downloaded automatically (inbound connections).
  • Open or close a specific port: The wizard provides the option of blocking ports completely orenabling them for a particular application only (e.g. CRM software).
  • Add one or more default rules: Add rules from the default rule set to the selected rule set.
  • Copy an existing rule
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