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Firewall - New rule/Edit rule

Under Rules, use the New or Edit buttons to add a rule to the current rule set or to edit an existing rule.

Name: For pre-defined and automatically generated rules, this field displays the program name to which the rule applies.

Rule enabled: Enable/disable a rule without actually deleting it.

Note: This indicates how the rule was created. Pre-defined rule is listed next to preset rules; Generated in response to alert is listed next to rules that arise from the dialogue from the Firewall alarm; and, for rules that you generate yourself via the advanced dialogue, you can insert your own comment.

Connection direction: Specify if the selected rule applies to inbound or outbound connections, or both.

Access: Allowed or denied access for the program within this rule set.

Protocol: Select the connection protocols you want to permit or deny access. You can universally block or enable protocols or link use of a protocol to one or more specific applications (Assign application). Similarly, you can use the Assign port button to specify the ports that you do or do not wish to use.

Time frame: Set up time-related access to network resources to ensure, for example, that the network can only be accessed during a normal working day and is blocked at all other times.

IP space: It is advisable to regulate network use by restricting the IP address range, especially for networks with fixed IP addresses. A clearly defined IP address range  significantly reduces the risk of attack from a hacker.

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