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Exchange-settings - AntiSpam

The AntiSpam option of the Exchange plugin makes sure that spam messages are filtered before they even reach the recipient. It is only available on Exchange servers that are running the Hub Transport role.

Spam messages are categorized in three distinct categories: Suspected spam, High spam probability and Very high spam probability. For each of those categories, you can customize the action that the Exchange plugin will take:

  • Reaction
    • Deliver email: The email message will be delivered to the recipient.
    • Move email to Quarantine: The email message will be moved to the Quarantine folder.
    • Reject email: The email message will be rejected.
    • Move email to Spam folder: The email message will be moved to the Spam folder.
  • Subject prefix: Add a prefix to the subject of the email message, such as a [SPAM?] tag.
  • Message in body: Add text to the body of the email message.
  • Create reports: Add a report to the Security events module.

In addition to the three spam categories, you can define a whitelist and a blacklist. Email messages from addresses or domains on the whitelist are never checked for spam; addresses and domains on the blacklist are always treated according to the configuration for Very high spam probability. The whitelist and blacklist can be exported and imported as .json files.

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