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Uninstall G DATA Security Client for Windows

The G DATA Security Client can be uninstalled remotely via the G DATA ManagementServer or locally on the client.

Uninstallation via G DATA ManagementServer

For a step-by-step instructions on uninstalling via the G DATA ManagementServer, please see the page Uninstalling Client via G DATA ManagementServer.

Uninstall the client (locally) with the setup or installation package

Every setup package you start on a client checks if a client is already installed or not. If a client is already installed and its version number is the same as the client you are trying to install, an uninstallation is suggested instead. Confirm the uninstallation prompt to remove all client software from your computer.

The following setup packages can be used for this:

A silent uninstallation (without graphical interface) can also be performed with the setup package. Information about the required parameters can be found on the Setup Parameters page.

Uninstall the client (locally) via G DATA AVCleaner

For a description of the AVCleaner tool and its uses, see G DATA AVCleaner.

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