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Clients - Software

The software inventory allows you to monitor software use across the whole network. Software can be added to a blacklist or whitelist to support software management in the network.

The software overview can be managed with the following toolbar buttons:

  • Refresh
  • Print
  • Print preview
  • Display all: Display all software that has been installed on the clients.
  • Display only software on the blacklist: Only show software that you have added to the blacklist.
  • Display only software that is not on the whitelist: Only show software that is installed on the network clients, but has not been checked yet by the system administrator. Using this view, you can quickly add software to the blacklist or whitelist by right clicking on it.

The list area lists installed software for all clients selected in the Clients panel. To fill the blacklist or whitelist, click the button Global blacklist or Global whitelist. Click Add to add a new blacklist or whitelist entry. The option Determine attributes lets you select the program you want to put on the blacklist or whitelist and enter its attributes. To set an attribute as rule, tick an attribute's checkbox. This allows you to put software from specific vendors, or specific program versions, on the lists. When you already know the program's attributes, you can also directly add them to the blacklist or whitelist, without using the Determine attributes dialog.

By default, the Software inventory is filtered to only show currently installed applications. To show all applications, including those that were previously installed but are no longer present, click Reset all filters to reset the display filter.

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