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Clients - Installation overview

The Installation overview window can be used to keep track of installation progress. It opens automatically when a remote installation task is added, or can be opened by clicking the Installation overview button in the Clients/ManagementServer panel's toolbar.

The Installation overview window lists all clients that have pending and completed remote installation tasks. The Type column shows the type of installation (for example G DATA Security Client; G DATA Internet Security for Android; Subnet server). After a remote installation has been completed, the Status column will be updated. For clients that have been added via Active Directory synchronization, the Next installation attempt column shows the time at which the remote installation will be started.

Right-clicking an entry offers the following options:

  • Refresh: Refresh the list.
  • Delete entry: Remove the selected entry from the list.
  • Show installation log: Show the installation log for the selected entry.
  • Try again: Retry a failed installation attempt.
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