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Changelog 15.1

New features

The Startup Wizard has been expanded. It now offers the activation of the Malware Information Initiative and the creation of a Defense Report.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is supported.

A heartbeat is available to facilitate control of the network connection of clients.

Failed login attempts to the ManagementServer can be viewed in the logs.

Clients displayed in the G DATA Administrator dashboard can be accessed directly.

The authorisation can be removed from a client.

The settings for proxy management have been reworked and broken down more clearly.

The ReportManager has been visually redesigned and offers an improved preview mode.

Comments can be added to security events.

A user can now have several tenants.

Linux CentOS 8 is now supported. 

For increased security, our software uses the .NET Framework 4.8.

Changed system supports

Support for Windows Server 2008 is discontinued. Programme update and installation will be prevented on this system, signature updates will continue to be distributed. Version 15.0 is still executable on the system.

Support for Exchange 2010 will be discontinued. Programme update and installation will be prevented on this system, signature updates will continue to be distributed. Version 15.0 is still executable on the system.

Support for all unsupported Mac OS versions is discontinued. All versions from version 10.12 onwards are supported.

Support for all unsupported Linux versions is discontinued. Supported are CentOS from version 7, Debian from version 9, openSUSE from version 15.2, RHEL from version 7, SLES from version 12, Ubuntu from version 18.04.

Support for Linux 32-bit systems is discontinued.

General changes

Optimised: Translations extended and adapted

Optimised: Error messages made more meaningful

Optimised: File I/O speed through faster hashing algorithm

Optimised: holistic view of BEAST technology to increase detection and removal quality on the overall system

Optimised: CPU and RAM utilisation

Optimised: system stability improved

Optimised: Handling of false positive messages improved

Optimised: WP-HTTP2: maximum active server connections increased from 4 to 128

Changed: all entries are displayed in the local time of the ManagementServer

Fixed: User interface displays and spacing fixed

Fixed: Tray icon shows correct scan status

Removed: Network Monitoring

G DATA Administrator

New: Blacklist/Whitelist can be imported via text file

New: during download of the created installation package a loading bar shows the progress

New: when selecting user-defined proxy settings, a note appears stating that this setting can endanger the security of the client

Change: if a client is moved, exceptions (after selection) are taken over

Change: the buttons "Page preview" and "Print" have been replaced by "Export CSV"

Changed: search for the name of the main ManagementServer selects the client node with the same name as the server instead of selecting the root node only

Fixed: number of entries and selected entries are displayed

Fixed: Monitor message appears only after changes on the client

Removed: overview "deactivated clients" is no longer displayed

Overview panel

New: connection information can be called up via "G DATA Cloud connectivity".

Change: "G DATA Update Server" is now called "G DATA Cloud connectivity".

Fixed: clicking on client logs in the overview menu opens the infrastructure logs

Fixed: Mouseover to check the ManagementServer version shows the current version


New: current service pack of the Windows client is displayed in the client overview. 

New: the list of installed programmes of a client can be exported

Change: column "Client" is shown by default if several clients are created

Changed: in "Clients/groups with deviating settings" only relevant deviations are displayed

Fixed: in the client overview, the operating system of clients with Windows Server 2019 is displayed correctly

Fixed: export for client settings and group settings possible

Fixed: AntiSpam Black-/Whitelist entries are correctly applied in case of multiple entries

Exchange settings

New: infected emails are moved to quarantine; suspicious attachments can be downloaded via G DATA Administrator for further analysis

Fixed: no communication problems occur during an e-mail scan via an Exchange server

Fixed: an e-mail scan can also be performed on grouping nodes of Exchange

Android settings

New: Android devices can already be named before installation. They then log on to the ManagementServer with the assigned name.

New: added explanation on SIM card protection

Change: "Theft detection" is now called "SIM card protection"


Fixed: the latest third-party patches are also displayed

Fixed: if several patches are selected via the patch configuration, they are executed immediately or at the desired time after checked applicability 

Fixed: Periodic scans are executed at the selected time


Fixed: Backup of device control with exceptions is executed correctly

Fixed: Windows Light Agent clients can be managed in Device control

Fixed: divergent device control exceptions in groups are taken into account


New: Microsoft Edge is available in the firewall rule sets


Change: message "Virtual Remote Scan Server is reachable." is no longer displayed; faults are still displayed in the Infrastructure logs

Optimised: storage space for logs is managed better

Fixed: all columns of the logs can be exported


Fixed: licences without PatchManagement get a statistic without PatchManagement displayed

G DATA ManagementServer

New: the connection to ActionCenter can be disconnected via a button

New: notice in case of incorrect access data to ActionCenter

Fixed: Client keeps exceptions for On Demand Scan after synchronisation with ManagementServer

Fixed: completed uninstallation of a Linux client is transmitted to the ManagementServer


New: Subnet server: Period for signature updates and client programme updates can be restricted (helpful with low bandwidth).

Optimised: the ManagementServer can now manage up to 100 000 Active Directory clients

Fixed: automatic Active Directory synchronisation can be reactivated again

Fixed: automatic installation on new Active Directory machines is executed

Fixed: clients remain visible after synchronisation between sub- and mainserver


New: e-mail notifications can be configured for different recipients


New: quarantine cases can be downloaded via G DATA Administrator for further analysis

New: the size of the quarantine files for upload can be set individually

Change: suspicious files found via the Outlook plug-in are displayed in the quarantine


New: e-mails can be authorised for Outlook; they are no longer scanned for spam

Optimised: if an e-mail address is on the blacklist for Outlook and is added to the whitelist, it is now moved and not entered twice. The other way round as well

Optimised: Outlook e-mail scan improved

Optimised: improved display in case of virus detection via Outlook

Fixed: Outlook plug-in runs stable during anti-spam checks


Optimised: in the event of communication problems with the database, more meaningful indications are displayed


New: Browser plug-in for Edge is also supported by Microsoft for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Light Agent

Fixed: the Virtual Remote Scan Server settings in the Light Agent are also displayed after an Active Directory synchronisation


Optimised: Calculation for the licence report was made more precise


Removed: due to changed Android policies, the selection of the phone type is omitted from version 27 MobileSecurity onwards


New: for Cyren, false positive spam detections in the email header can be communicated to G DATA.

Fixed: Initialisation of Engine A works without reboot

Fixed: Samba shares can be accessed

Fixed: if a scan is started via the command line, it shows the evaluation after completion

Changes for version 15.2

Support for Mac OS 10.12 is discontinued.

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