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New features

The G DATA Endpoint Security has been given a new and modern interface

Scope of protection extended with AMSI Malware Protection 

Protection technology BEAST behaviour monitoring extends to clean up infected Office documents

Easier activation of the protective components with the G DATA Startup Wizard

Device control extended for Windows portable devices

In Outlook, e-mails can be scanned manually at the touch of a button

WebProtection extension available for the new Microsoft Edge browser

Changelog for Android Mobile Internet Security is displayed in the app

64-bit signatures are supported for MacOS Client

For Linux Clients the distributions Ubuntu 20.04, OpenSuse 15.0, Cent OS 8, OpenSuse 15.0/15.1/15.2 and SLE 15 are supported

General changes

Optimised: Translations extended and adapted

Optimised: Recognition optimisation for less false positives

Optimised: significantly lower CPU and RAM utilisation when using BEAST behaviour monitoring

Fixed: the system no longer freezes when using the guard with Google Drive File Streams

E-mail communication

Optimised: received BCC e-mails are scanned more intensively

Fixed: G DATA Outlook Add-In is no longer deactivated by Microsoft Outlook

Fixed: G DATA Outlook Add-In no longer causes Microsoft Outlook to crash

Fixed: if G DATA Security Client and G DATA ManagementServer are installed on the same device, the client no longer blocks e-mails from the ManagementServer

Fixed: with a registered G DATA ManagementServer and loaded signatures, the ManagementServer no longer sends e-mails indicating that the product must be registered

G DATA Security Client

Optimised: differential updates have been improved to ensure peer-to-peer update distribution

Change: Administrator rights to client in question are required for interaction with files in the quarantine

Fixed: First installation and update only need a reboot to complete the installation

Fixed: Synchronisation of the G DATA Security Client with the G DATA ManagementServer only after changes to the network interface. The synchronisation every 30 seconds was an error of the Intel WIFI driver.

Fixed: Concerns Windows 2012 server: Update can be carried out without automatically terminating the SetupService

Fixed: Disabling the firewall in the internal network is now protected by a password request

G DATA Administrator

Added: Protection of group settings in the Monitor, when the filter is set

Optimised: for approvals via application control, the user no longer needs to be explicitly selected

Change: Default SMTP port has been set to 25 (was previously set to 1)

Fixed: Notice about a ManagementServer update is now only displayed when an update is available

Fixed: under Statistics the correct status is now displayed under "Update programme files automatically" if this function has been deactivated

Fixed: Scrollbars are now available everywhere

Fixed: Scrollbar in the infrastructure log is now also visible with read-only permissions

Fixed: set filters are kept when updating the tables

Fixed: if the display option "Last active user" is disabled in config.xml, the column no longer appears in the client overview

Fixed: after a signature update the current version numbers of Engine A and Engine B are now displayed

Fixed: if the selection of the backup directory is disabled, no directory can be selected anymore


Fixed: multilingual patches and third-party patches are available

Active Directory

Optimised: synchronisation with the G DATA ManagementServer

Device control

Optimised: new camera class from Microsoft is supported

Fixed: Whitelist entries in Device Control are no longer duplicated when a client is moved into a group


Fixed: Reports at "Check Client Installation" only include machines from the affected clients

Fixed: the client type can now be changed for report parameters

Fixed: E-mails are sent according to the settings in ReportManager


Changed: the report "Client has been restarted" is now displayed in the protocol infrastructure

Changed: Server reports are now displayed in the Infrastructure log

Optimised: Readability of the reports has been increased

Fixed: Requests to unlock an application now appear with correct timestamps in the logs under Security Events

Android settings

Added: it is now possible to customize the server name in Andriod registration links

Added: you can now specify custom server names in the email registration for Android Mobile

Added: Opt-In for Tracking

Changed: the privacy policy regarding tracking has been adjusted

Optimised: the web protection for the terminal device can be activated via the G DATA ManagementServer

Optimised: Password configurations are now more intuitive to use

Optimised: Android devices are now listed in alphabetical order in the network tree

Fixed: Emails delivered according to your individual settings

Fixed: the correct time is now displayed in the approval request logs

Fixed: Password changes are now correctly synchronised with the Mobile Client

Fixed: available apps and blacklist now synchronise correctly with the G DATA ManagementServer

Removed: due to changed andoid guidelines the call/SMS, phonebook and allowed SMS commands are no longer available


New: Warning note inserted, an ActionCenter account cannot be changed without data loss after confirmation

G DATA ManagementServer

Optimised: missing signature updates are loaded during initial commissioning

Optimised: higher fault tolerance of the G DATA ManagementServer after an update with existing old scan job protocols

Optimised: Download management of proactive components in proxy environments

Fixed: changed AntiSpam settings are now synchronised correctly

Fixed: the computer name once set does not change anymore


Fixed: WakeOnLan scans via Gdata.Business.Server.Cli.exe are executed again


Optimised: E-mail header handling in clustered Exchange environments

Fixed: the Exchange-Plugin now also takes over the entries of the black-/whitelist correctly when activated afterwards

Fixed: Activation of the G DATA Security Client with an Exchange plug-in is now possible with an activated black/white list

Fixed: Disabling automatic program updates no longer disables automatic signature distribution


Optimised: CPU utilisation by AVKProxy is now below 5 percent

Fixed: Concerns Windows 2016 Terminal Server: gdwfpcd64.sys no longer causes a bluscreen

Android Mobile

New: Nova Launcher is supported by Mobile Internet Security

New: "Terms of use" added to the "Help" menu

Optimised: App runs more stable

Optimised: Error messages have been made more meaningful

Fixed: on Android 10, apps from the blacklist can only be opened with a password

Fixed: if phishing websites are detected, the warning can now be ignored by the user and the page can be opened

Fixed: If WhatsApp is defined as a protected app, when calling via WhatsApp the App Protection PIN keyboard appears first and after entering the correct PIN the WhatsApp screen with the incoming call is displayed

Fixed: the search bar and search entries remain visible in the Secure Browser at and

Fixed: Mobile Security's anti-theft protection for Android devices now sends a location email when the battery level of the Android device is low on all supported Android versions

Mac Client

Optimised: fewer write operations on the hard disk

Optimised: the heuristic scan now provides even better protection

Optimised: readability of log entries improved

Fixed: the function disable real time protection until restart now turns the protection back on as expected

Fixed: Option "Time machine do not scan" is now respected during a scan

Fixed: Performance when copying data improved

Fixed: G DATA Security Client can now be uninstalled in the ManagementServer via the Administrator Panel

Fixed: the correct time is now displayed for signature updates

Fixed: failed signature updates no longer cause errors

Fixed: Signature updates no longer hinder the malware scan

Fixed: Tray process runs more stable, the tray icon no longer disappears

Linux Client

Optimised: Compatibility with the WebPlugin RHEL/CentOS6/Ubuntu 20.04

Optimized: Readability of log entries improved

Optimised: GUI and Notifier are restarted during a software update

Optimised: memory management for signature updates

Optimised: the loading of signature updates for the Virtual Remote Scan Server has been improved

Optimised: fewer false positives in received emails

Fixed: Update problem with Suse Linux

Fixed: the correct time is now displayed for signature updates

Fixed: Statistics of the G DATA management server are displayed

Fixed: G DATA LightAgent no longer loses the connection to the Virtual Remote Scan Server

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