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Tasks - Restore jobs

Backup is available as an optional module.

Restore jobs can be planned in several ways. In the Tasks menu, select New > Restore job to plan a new restore job. The Restore job toolbar button opens the same window, allowing you to select a backup to restore. Alternatively, you can look up the backup in the list of backup jobs. Right click a job and click Restore backup to open the Restore backup window.

The Restore backup window shows some basic information about the selected backup job. It contains one or more backups, depending on how often the job was run. For every backup, the list shows Backup time, Client, Type of backup, Number of files and Size (in MB). In the Restore on client dropdown, you can select the client to which the backup should be restored (this does not need to be the client from which the files were backed up). Select the appropriate backup and click OK to open the Restore settings window.

The restore settings can be configured on two tabs. File selection allows you to browse through the backup. Click Only restore selected files from the archive to enable the folder tree in which you can select the files to be restored. Click Restore all files within the archive to disable the folder tree and restore all files instead. The Options tab lets you configure restore job settings. You can add a descriptive title to the restore job under Job name. Files can be restored to the directory they were backed up from if you select Restore files to original directory, or to another directory if you select one under Target directory. Finally, you can decide what should happen to file conflicts under Overwrite existing files. Upon confirming the recovery settings, a restore job will be added to the Tasks module. It will be carried out immediately.

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