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Starting G DATA Administrator

Start G DATA Administrator by clicking the G DATA Administrator option in the program group Start > (All) Programs > G DATA > G DATA Administrator. In the following login screen, enter your login data:

  • Language: Select the display language.
  • Server: Enter the name of the computer on which G DATA ManagementServer was installed. To the right, a status indicator displays whether the ManagementServer is ready. If an error occurred, clicking the status indicator displays a log file.
  • Authentication
    • Windows authentication: Log in using your Windows administrator credentials.
    • Integrated authentication: Log in using G DATA ManagementServer's integrated authentication system. Integrated authentication accounts can be set up using the function Manage users.
  • User name: Enter your Windows administrator user name or your integrated authentication user name.
  • Password: Enter your Windows administrator password or your integrated authentication password.

After entering your login data, click OK to log in.

Click the arrow next to the question mark menu to reveal two additional options. About G DATA Administrator shows version information. Reset settings allows you to reset all settings that relate to the use of Administrator, such as display options.

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