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Login to G DATA Administrator

With the default installation of the G DATA ManagementServer, the G DATA Administrator is installed on the same computer. Logging on to the G DATA Administrator can be done locally or remotely on the server to access all modules. If accessing the server via a desktop application is not possible or practical, the G DATA Administrator can also be installed on another Windows client as long as it can connect to ManagementServer.

The G DATA installation medium installs the G DATA Administrator on the computer through which the configuration tasks are performed. To log in, the IP address or (if resolvable) the name of the ManagementServer computer must be entered as the server address. The server port must not be blocked by the firewall and must be forwardable to router level if necessary.

  • Language: Select the display language.
  • Server: Enter the name of the computer on which the ManagementServer has been installed. The display to the right of the input field shows whether the specified ManagementServer is ready. If an error occurs, you can click on the display to access the log.
  • Authentication:
    • Windows authentication: If you select this authentication option, you can log in to G DATA ManagementServer using the username and password of your Windows administrator account.
    • Integrated authentication: You can log in using an authentication system integrated in G DATA ManagementServer. Integrated accounts can be created via the User management function.
  • User name: Enter your Windows administrator user name or your integrated authentication user name.
  • Password: Enter your Windows administrator password or your integrated authentication password.
  • Manage multiple servers: Set this option to use G DATA MasterAdmin.

Click OK to log in.

Click the arrow next to the question mark to open a menu with more options. The About G DATA Administrator function shows the version information.

Reset settings allows you to reset the G DATA Administrator view settings (e.g. window size).

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