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General settings - Synchronization

In the Synchronization area, you can define the synchronization interval between the ManagementServer and clients, subnet servers and Active Directory:

  • Clients
    • Main server synchronization interval and checking for new updates: Enter the time interval in which the clients connect to the ManagementServer to check for new updates or settings. The default value is five minutes.
    • Notify client if settings have been changed on the server: Tick this setting to notify clients immediately of new settings, regardless of synchronization interval.
    • Limit the number of concurrent connections to the server: Specify how many clients can simultaneously connect to the ManagementServer. The number of Clients depends on the specifications of the server and network infrastructure. If you are experiencing performance issues, reducing the number may improve server performance.
  • Subnet server
    • Interval for synchronizing: Define the interval for synchronization between main ManagementServer and subnet server(s).
    • Send new reports to the main server immediately: Enable this option to transfer new reports to the main server immediately, regardless of the synchronization interval.
  • Active Directory
    • Synchronize Active Directory regularly: Enable regular synchronization between ManagementServer and Active Directory. Synchronization is only carried out if at least one group has been assigned an Active Directory Organizational Unit.
    • Interval: Define the interval with which G DATA ManagementServer should synchronize Active Directory content. If you select a daily interval, you can define the exact time of the day at which the synchronization should take place.
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